Mistakes You Can Avoid With a Cattle Fence Contractor

Common Farm Fencing Mistakes

The majority of farmers may be experts at farming, but they are far less likely to be experts at building fences. As the number of domesticated animals grows on a farm, so does the responsibility of the farmers to keep their herds and flocks under control so that they don’t cause problems for their neighbors. It is recommended to hire a cattle fence contractor to build a reliable barrier.

Doing it yourself is definitely plausible. However, slip-ups are possible if you don’t have the necessary expertise and equipment. What mistakes, you ask?

Poor Fence-Line Planning

Before you buy fencing, take some time to plan out how your farm will be set up and how it will grow in the future. If you know where you want to end up first, you won’t put up fence lines in the wrong places that you’ll have to take down later. No rule says that the line of your fence has to be straight. It can be shaped to fit the land or to close off certain areas like a grove of trees or a pond.

Weak Fence Corners

Whether or not the fence is wired, bad corner construction is the main reason it breaks. In order to keep the wire taut, all of the force is put on the corners of the fence. If the posts aren’t big enough, set deep enough, or braced, the whole structure will sag and fall down. Make sure your posts are buried deep! The corner posts should be put into the ground to a depth that is equal to or more than the height of the top wire.

Wrong Distance Between Posts

Another common mistake is leaving too much or too little space between fence posts depending on the system you use. The standard distance between fence posts for a barbed wire fence is 16 feet. But when an animal, like a deer, hits an electrified high-tensile system, posts that are close together are more likely to break or be pulled out.

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