More About the Fence Repairs and Other Services I Provide

When it comes to professional fence repairs, the experts at Dan's Fences and Repairs are here to address all your needs. Located in Roswell, GA, our company has grown from an unknown business to a premier choice for many people, thanks to our wide range of services, including but not limited to:


Horse and Cattle Fence Repairs

Cattle fences can easily break for various reasons. Whether the area it covers isn’t strong enough to contain the animals or it is not reinforced for trouble spots, you will certainly have some repairs to address. In cases where you need any type of repairs for your cattle or horse fencing, you can rely on us for covering any damage. We can do re-wiring and add new parts, promising quick and effective results.


Plastic and Metal Fence Repairs 

We can work on plastic fencing projects, making sure we create a border that ensures your privacy. We can also work on establishing metal fences around your property that will enhance the level of security around your home or business. We will work with top-quality materials and meticulously cover any steps, making sure the outcome fits your tastes and preferences.


Residential Fence Repair

Residential Fence Repair


Driveway Gates Repair 

Our fencing experts can help you maintain your driveway gates, whether manual or automatic, in proper working order and damage-free condition. Irrespective of the material it is made from, we will make sure it remains solid and functional.


Wood Fence Repair 

We can service various wooden fences, whether farm or house. Irrespective of their use and their size, we will come up with a quality and cost-effective solution to have them repaired in a timely and problem-free manner. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Fence Construction

Our customers can rely on us to encompass their properties with solid and stylish fences that will offer them the privacy and safety that they desire. We can build fencing of different sizes in a broad variety of styles. We always take into account the architecture of a structure because we want to construct fences that blend with their surroundings. We use quality materials and modern techniques to build top-notch fencing from the ground up.

Big Fence Repair

Our experts will gladly attend to any major damage that your fence has sustained. Whether a car driver has carelessly crashed their vehicle into your vinyl fence or a heavy storm has left your wooden fence in pieces, you can rely on our team of experts for a professional service. We will make sure that the border surrounding your property, no matter how large, is properly restored in a timely fashion. We are a phone call away.

Small Fence Repair

Aside from major damage, we can also address a variety of minor issues concerning the overall appearance or performance of your fence. We can replace rotted wooden pieces from your fence, handle small cracks, make sure your automatic gate opens properly, and carry out all sorts of other small issues that you simply find annoying or lack the time to handle on your own. We have got you covered.

Contact our company in Roswell, GA if you are interested in the professional fence repairs that we bring to the table. You can learn more about Dan's Fences and Repairs and the pros of hiring us, or you can request an estimate on our labor and make an appointment by dialing (770) 679-2175. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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